Brand Building
We help our clients to build their brand through designing a special and unique scent marketing strategies to raise their awareness, increase sales and enhance their corporate image.

Customer Delight
We design a comfortable and pleasant scent for our clients to attract customers by scent, delight customers’ emotion by scent, and develop customers’ loyalty by scent.

Corporate Signature
We design a unique scent for our clients as their trademark, and help them to apply the scent into retail and office environment, marketing promotion, corporate gift, and company stationary. That makes their customers more easier to arouse the brand.

System & Scents
We provide different kinds of scent diffusion systems and scent products to our customers, including scent diffusion system, scent portable and life scent products.

All of our scent diffusion systems are patented. We also obtained the ISO9001:2000, Certificate No.002 for industrial product quality. It can be sure that our scent diffusion systems are manufactured with high quality and advanced technology.

Our scents are obeyed the standards and guidelines from IFRA (International Fragrance Associate) and tested by RIFM (Research Institute of Fragrance Materials). They are absolutely safe to human body’s health. Plus with over 1,000 scents to choose from, including custom designed fragrances, we can determine the right scent for your brand.


Our clients
The applications of scent environment is huge. Our clients can create an exclusive & elegant ambience for shoppers and existing customers. Our retail clients encompass architects, stores owners, restaurants, shopping malls, hotels, luxury properties and different facility managers. Short term application of scent mist is also well-received for PR events, exhibitions and banquets. Moreover, the adoption of scent in printed matters, gifts and premiums is a new trend. These creative projects are inspiring and beneficial to printing houses, design consultants as well as corporate gifts traders. Design of customer experience from delivering a piece of DM to a scent environment becomes an enjoyable process for innovative brand marketers.

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